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Volume Rendering in a Web Browser (1997-8)

This project was carried with Ofer Hendin and Ofer Shochet when I was working for Silicon Graphics Biomedical. We created the world's first Web-enabled volume rendering implementation using VRML for the 3D scene and Java for the user interface and data processing (Hendin, John, & Shochet, 1998).

I stilll have an O2 like this in working order.
We took advantage of SGI's O2 workstation to get realtime performance as the O2 had hardware support for 2D textures. Of course such hardware support is now available on any graphics card.

I presented this work at MMVR in San Diego in 1998. This was the first of many visits to MMVR.

Further Reading

  1. Hendin, O., John, N. W., & Shochet, O. (1998). Medical volume rendering on the WWW using JAVA and VRML. In Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 1998 (pp. 34–40).